International Certification U.S. Green Building Council

BDA is a maquiladora that manufactures jeans and garments for export to different markets, including the United States, Argentina and Brazil. On December 5th, it has obtained the highest award at the Sustainability level, the LEED Certification awarded by the United States Green Building Council, creator of this scheme recognized worldwide and with more than 60,000 certified projects and another in the process of Certification in all the Continents. of the world.
The BDA Plant is the first Paraguayan Industry to obtain this Certification, and it is the first Textile Industry in America to obtain it.

The LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) means by its acronym “Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design”. The obtained one is the LEED Silver Certification, under the New Construction v3 version.


Sewing environments and heated finishes to provide comfort to workers. The Gerber automated cutting and laser terminations allow us to increase the volume of production reducing time and labor errors. A modern effluent treatment plant that meets the requirements of LEED certification.
The automated laundrette and the continuous process oven are just some of the elements we have for the production and confection of garments.



Provide our customers with a high quality integral service
in product development, collections design, production and logistics.
We bring to the world of fashion Paraguayan production with international certification.




Being the product development company of the most reliable fashion industry, serious
and creative of the region. We want to be in the window of our clients around the world.