We are now officially a B Corp company

We are more than happy to announce that after having undergone the verification process by the B Lab throughout 2020, Blue Design was finally certified as a B company and thus further consolidate its objectives and strategies to change the clothing industry. fashion industry towards one that focuses on triple impact.

What is the B certification?

B Corp is a certification granted by B Lab, a company that guarantees that other companies focus on generating triple impact business models. This refers to considering the environmental, social and economic impacts that their products, services and activities could cause on the environment, workers, suppliers, clients and the community where they are established.

Laundry room, with automated processes that provide savings in energy consumption

It hasn’t been easy to get certified with this exclusive seal, but every effort pays off! We believe that it has been a great step to demonstrate that we are fully committed to the well-being of our collaborators and that we are an industry that maintains a balance between utility and purpose, which has not changed since our inception. This is what keeps us investing more and more in new technologies and process improvements that truly allow us to be a zero-waste, zero-emission, maximum-efficiency textile manufacturing factory.

Collaborator using an ozone machine, during garment production.

These are the points that stood out within our impact model that led us to certification:

  • Reduction of Toxins: we use materials with certifications such as OEKO TEX, GOTS and BLUESIGN, which reliably verify that substances such as chemicals, dyes and softeners do not have the presence of toxic materials for human and environmental health, ensuring a product that is of conformity with the environment and its resources and also with the communities neighboring the factory.
  • Conservation of resources: We encourage our clients to opt for recycled or organic production materials, purchasing raw materials with certifications such as GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS (Recycled Content Standard) from our global suppliers. One of the clear examples of this is the use of recycled yarn from PET bottles, recycled cotton from post-consumer products and recycled metal accessories without heavy metal finishes.
  • Innovative and technological processes: We measure our energy and water consumption, industrial and common solid waste generation and our gaseous emissions throughout the production process, specifying goals year after year to improve our environmental performance. This is part of our LEED certification and our alignment with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign Project.

Together with other companies, we are now part of this new business model that is committed to user trust as an added value to the products. People want to work, buy, and invest in businesses they believe in. Thanks to the B certification we can enhance the credibility, trust and values ​​of our company.