BDA Best for the world

BFTW 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have been recognized as one of the Best for the world companies 2021! This means that we scored in the top 5% in one of the five impact areas assessed as part of the certification process. We are proud to be Best For The World™ and to be part of the global community of B Corps.

The area in which we specifically stand out thanks to our sustainable practices within the production line is that of caring for the Environment. The following areas are also taken into account: Governance, workers, clients and community, thus encompassing five important points to accredit the mention. All this leads us to position ourselves in the 5% of the best certified companies in the world, which add up to a total of 4,000.

Recognition obtained thanks to the sustainable practices developed within the company.

B Corp Inspiration

B Corps specifically stand out for focusing on solving environmental and social problems, together. A methodology is sought that improves the quality of production and coexistence, generating standards in terms of laws and processes that ensure a true conscious use of resources and the power that is generated to preserve them.

With all this, it seeks to inspire other companies to be part of the global community, changing in a positive way and contributing to society with more impact, through corporate and social responsibility programs. Generating jobs with higher quality and general awareness in the population, thus being a better company for the world and not just the best in the world.

Jorge Bunchicoff, CEO Blue Design America, holding the recognition obtained with great satisfaction.

The example that inspires and generates a change

Being a certified B company implies being at the forefront of the movement, developing more inclusive and, above all, sustainable methods. This type of company brings great weight in the cultural sphere on a global scale and that above all redefines corporate responsibility.

Taking advantage of the importance of good business, and above all transparency, the B Corps generate a positive and more than significant impact for society and the environment. As expressed in one of the points of System B: Shared knowledge is enhanced knowledge.

For all this and more, we must help spread best practices that could help other companies have a positive impact on their stakeholders.

At BDA we are very happy with each recognition obtained, thanks to the dedication and commitment to creating a comfortable environment for everyone.

These types of practices generate benefits for everyone!