From the beginning, we have focused on executing actions in order to reduce our environmental impact in all processes, while preserving the highest quality of our products. Based on this, we have designed and implemented our own washing called ECO WASH, which is achieved thanks to an innovation in supplies, methodologies, and machinery.

With laser machines, conventional sanding is replaced, whose function is to create various levels of abrasion throughout the garment. This substitution manages to suppress processes that are harmful to the health of workers and the environment, such as sandblasting, sanding, or spraying processes with potassium permanganate spray, which have the consequence of eliminating the generation of particulate material, use of chemicals and water, since it is possible to avoid additional washing processes.

Regarding the technology in washing machines, we have a nano-bubble system, using air instead of water; With this, we replace the traditional abrasion processes, in addition to offering better results in the application of chemicals (color, softeners, etc.).

Finally, the contribution of ozone as a fabric bleach is extremely beneficial since it achieves that “vintage” finish that is on the rise and has always been one of the most requested options by consumers. The highly oxidative characteristics of ozone allow for a sustainable bleaching method without the use of chemicals or water.

100% of the effluent generated is treated in our own Effluent Treatment Plant, thus being able to reuse 10% of the treated water in different areas of the industrial plant.

We firmly believe that the sustainable approach and the circular economy are protagonists and key players in the change that will make the industry prosper.