BIOFUEL – Advantages and benefits

Change of mentality and actions in the market

Currently the textile industry is evolving in great steps, in search of being able to reduce the carbon footprint and always offer a quality product. To ensure optimal results. In this evolution, not only ideas and actions are needed, but also machinery that technically fulfills the purpose of gradually reducing the environmental impact of the industry.

Evolution of our boilers

At BDA we try to ensure that all our developed projects go hand in hand with a good plan that ensures sustainability and the proper use of renewable energies, thus ensuring the reduction of the carbon footprint with more ecological alternatives.

Components adapted to the boiler for an efficient distribution of the pellet.

In order to continue along this path, for some time now, we have evolved the components of our boilers. So that these can work with a new fuel known as Pellet; which is a bio-fuel, it is a type of biomass which is totally renewable and comes from fossil waste.

What is pellet or biomass?

Biomass is the most ecological alternative to thermal energy, it is also quite economical since its composition comes from the waste of large lumberyards, which includes the remains of logs, sawdust and bark that are previously selected and cleaned to later be processed, all This material is compressed and in its final presentation they look cylindrical in shape, 2 to 3 centimeters and seem to be varnished, but this is due to the components of the wood.

In order to continue along this path, a long time ago, we have details of what the pellet looks like after being pressed.

What are the benefits of biomass in our company and the environment?


Pellets ready to be introduced into the boiler dispenser.

In the first place, the use of firewood in our boilers is avoided, since most suppliers do not present sustainable forest certificates, so in this way we avoid cutting down trees, lending a hand in the fight against deforestation.

By adapting the boilers to the pellet feeding system, the processes become automated. The machines are consuming according to the required need, the system is also in charge of maintaining the adequate temperature and administering the necessary amount, thus avoiding an overwork for the collaborators.

Pellets in the process of ignition.

It is much more effective, since its calorific power is constantly evolving, reaching 95% of its use, this is equivalent to a great reduction in waste, since it does not generate a large amount of ash thanks to its clean combustion, reducing CO2 emissions in the environment.

Boiler system control panels.

It brings a great help to the costs and numbers on the invoice; Since it is a totally renewable product, its price is low compared to other types of fuel. Reducing operating costs between 30% and 40%.

Sistemas automatizados, utilizados en los procesos de lavandería.

It also helps to make our processes used in laundry, ironing and drying areas more efficient. Thanks to its high calorific power, all the machines in each development can be put into operation practically immediately, due to the condensed vapors and the circulation system that runs through each station.

Machinery used in the laundry area.

In this way we ensure efficiency in the development processes, since with measures similar to these we can reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the results. And the best thing is that we do it in an environmentally friendly way.