ECO Contest

Regenerating with creativity

Within the company we use several methods to ensure that all the waste left by the productions goes and meets all the requirements of a good recycling system. In this way we ensure to reduce the environmental impact generated by the industry and help preserve an excellent environment.

Pet bed made from scraps of denim and pocketing.

One of the premises that we maintain is also to give a second life to objects or materials, and that these can once again be useful in some way in everyday life. Based on this, we came up with the idea of organizing a contest, which seemed quite interesting to us since it generates awareness, it will exploit the creativity of our collaborators, and it would be quite dynamic with surprising results, we call it ECO CONTEST.

Bermuda made with the combination of different shades of fabrics.

In addition, through this contest, the winners will be able to have an extra income, doing something they like, since the company will be donating the materials and giving an economic boost so that they can start and market the project presented.

Baby shoes and cushion made in the shape of a star.

Principalmente, las propuestas, deberán de ser fáciles de producir, con materiales que se puedan encontrar dentro de la empresa, o con alguna pieza destinada a ser reciclada, y también con la particularidad de cumplir en lo posible, una función utilitaria, así como ornamental.

Backpack made by fusing different types of fabrics together with special embroidery.

Para participar del concurso, los postulantes presentaron un prototipo de un producto realizado con retazos de las telas utilizadas durante el proceso de producción. También el prototipo podría verse complementado con otros elementos o detalles como: remaches, hebillas, diferentes tipos de costuras u otros tipos de telas.

One of the participants showing her creation.

These products were presented in an activity aimed at recreation, in front of co-workers who did not stop encouraging when they saw the creative proposals that were being presented. At the end of the presentation, the jury held a meeting to debate who would be the winner, giving themselves the particularity of choosing to increase the number of winners, thus rewarding all those who participated, since what was presented was quite good.

One of the participants demonstrating her talent at the moment of joining pieces to generate her proposal.
Moment in which the process and the inspiration to carry out the proposal are explained.
Time when the winners of the contest are announced.
Backpack made based on combinations of fabrics, connoting the face of a bear.

This is the first phase of this excellent contest, we encourage everyone to take similar measures to this project. To generate more awareness and interest in our environment, and teach that progress can be made in perfect balance with nature.