Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

GOTS is an organic textile standard, which certifies that the composition of a textile product is composed of at least 70% organic or organic cotton in conversion. These two concepts are distinguished because in the primary sector (agriculture), we cannot consider organic something that has not had a transition of at least two years from the use of pesticides and fertilizers, since these remain accumulated in the soil.

The standard has different categories, since it typifies textile products with a composition between 70% and 95% as “Partially organic” and those products with an organic fiber content greater than 95% as “Organic”. This being the case, we can only call a pants or jacket as “Organic GOTS” if its organic composition is above 95%.

The main requirements of the standard, apart from complying with the percentage mentioned above are:

  • It must be ensured that the supply chain has not been interrupted: This means that one cannot sell something as organic GOTS without a transaction certificate issued by a certified organization and endorsed by the accredited company (certifier).
  • The quality management system must ensure that the “organic” fiber does not come into contact with other fibers in the production process, in order to avoid cross contamination.
  • Social criteria: The standard does not allow under any circumstances the employment of minors, discrimination, forced labor, there must be a mechanism for collective proposals and policies and strategies that make it clear that these criteria are met.
  • Environmental criteria: The environmental criteria of the standard requires that, for example, the effluent water after treatment does not have a COD (Concentration of Oxygen Demand) greater than 20 PPM per garment produced, the gaseous emissions must be controlled and monitored and the correct management of solid waste must be guaranteed.
  • All chemicals used for production, whether they are auxiliary textile softeners or fabric or printing inks, must be GOTS approved.