Nano Bubbles

Nano Bubbles Technology

“Thanks to our eco-wash system we have managed to avoid the use of water in our washing processes. We have devised an exclusive system used in our production line, which saves large amounts of water through the use of nano bubbles. Thus generating maximum savings intime, resources and production costs. Let’s generate the tendency to avoid and preserve water in processes”

Laser Technology

An important ally in sustainable development is the laser. With this technology we can achieve incredible aspects in each garment, reducing the environmental impact.

Laser Technology
Ozono Machines

Ozone Machines

With the implementation of ozone in production processes, we avoid the use of water and hazardous chemicals to achieve the desired look. The use of Ozone is considered one of the most sustainable qualities within the industry. We accompany this course with state-of-the-art technology and a pleasant work environment.