Sustainability in vintage fashion

There are phrases that assure that the past times were better, due to many reasons, which have to do with discoveries and advances in specific areas, such as technology, medicine, industry, music and much more. To do this we must add the particular memories and experiences that each individual acquires over the years.

Outstanding garments with vintage style, developed with new sustainable methods.

Exclusive and original, unique characteristics of the vintage style

Within the field of fashion, this appreciation for trends in past decades is also perceived. Today, there is a greater appreciation of the way in which garments were previously made, highlighting the experimentation, processes and styles that made the garments of past seasons unique.

Over the years, some traditional and care practices were abandoned within the world of fashion, and it focused mainly on meeting demands. Thus generating what is known today as “Fast Fashion” which practically consists of creating trends in the shortest possible time, so that the consumer acquires the new garments and thus generate profits for the brands.

Problems in a growing industry day by day

In principle, no one would notice the problem that this commercial practice would entail, which was to increase the industrial waste of fashion, since the garments were only used seasonally and then were discarded incorrectly, in addition, the demand for resources for the creation of these; Significantly increasing the environmental impact footprint.

Fortunately, to counteract this, new currents were born such as “Slow fashion” or “Slowing the loop” which is characterized by giving a second life to old clothes, and those that are no longer in season. Strongly supported by more conscious consumers in purchases.

Creating a more sustainable trend

As for what concerns us, “El Mundo Denim” was also influenced by this new wave of generating garments in a sustainable way. And the big brands reacted and took to the streets, touring clothing markets to rescue models from past decades to put them back in store windows, imitating tears, stains, wear, any detail that could make the new ones unique and exclusive. collections.

But yes, paying special attention to the way garments are produced, with a methodology that leads the industry to sustainability and becoming more environmentally friendly.

All our developments are carried out under processes that respect the environment.

A great commitment to productions without waste and with great style

At BDA we support this new production trend, with a focus on sustainability, and we trust that it is the right path. Since we currently have commercial deals with prestigious and international brands, for which we develop garments with the use of ozone in the industrial line, with cutting-edge technology such as laser design, recycling systems for the water used in the plant.

One of the advanced technologies used in our development line is the use of lasers to generate the textures typical of vintage styles.

In addition, we have a laboratory in which we develop unique formulas for sustainable washing, which help us save much more water in the processes, also avoiding the use of chemicals, and adding nano bubble technology to achieve the objective in each garment. of the new collections.

Our laundry has state-of-the-art washing machines, in which we use sustainable processes, in addition to having a water reuse system.

The ideal goal for everyone

The sum of all these practices generates pieces designed to resist more and that with the passage of time acquire unique features, their own character, their own details that from the initial point of production are focused on being more sustainable and beneficial for this new style of life in which the consumer is much more aware and makes purchases in a more responsible way, thinking about the environment.