The Jeans Redesign Project with Ellen MacArthur

We are happy to be part!

We are happy to express that BDA, since June of the current, is part of the Jeans Redesign (JR) program of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMA).

The fashion industry is one of the industries that has the greatest impact on the environment and its resources, which is why it has earned criticism from numerous activist groups and sectors.

This is mainly due to “Fast Fashion”, a trend that has been fueled over the last two decades thanks to its cheap and disposable products, managing to generate the Industry to produce large volumes in short terms, consuming large amounts of resources to produce poor quality garments, quickly becoming obsolete or “out of trend”.

Detailed infographic of “Fast Fashion”. Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an Organization with an ambitious goal, it was conceived in 2010 with the aim of adapting and accelerating the transition of industries towards the circular economy. This economic model is based on the concept of “zero waste”, but how do we ensure that no waste is generated in industrial production?

Ellen MacArthur during a conference (Photo: Internet)

Thanks to advances in technology, today, each piece of waste can be easily reinserted into other processes, giving them a second life and thus replacing the concept of “waste” with that of “by-product”.

After many years of work, investment and achievements in pursuit of Sustainability, today BDA is part of this new production model. We invest in the processes within the factory to identify, collect, classify and reinsert our “waste”. This greatly facilitates our management processes and makes us produce cleaner.

There will always be “by-products” that cannot be reused in our system, so we work with different allies to transfer our “waste” to them, which they use as raw material.

The materials to be recycled are duly identified and separated for their correct transfer.

EMA ventures into several productive sectors and involves numerous strategic allies to carry out its activities, which range from promoting the circular economy in cities, action against climate change, transformation of food production, promotion of better education quality, new plastics economy, post-pandemic economic recovery and transformation of the fashion industry.

It is important to highlight that Ellen MacArthur is one of the few foundations that has a specific program where the protagonist is DENIM fabric (Jeans Redesign). By allying with EMA, having submitted to their evaluation and requirements, we obtained the opportunity to act on said project, seeking to generate a 100% sustainable jean.

Jeans garment, resulting from the methodological process of sustainability.

This means achieving a high quality standard, among these requirements we can mention:

  • Comply with 30 domestic washes before beginning to lose its qualities of tone, color and texture.
  • 98% of the total weight of the garment must be of certified organic origin.
  • The chemicals used in the washes must comply with level 1 of the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) program as a minimum.
  • Chemicals such as Chlorine and Potassium Permanganate should not be used. Likewise, washing with pumice stone and sandblasting are prohibited.
  • The volume of effluents produced by its production must not exceed 25 liters per yard of fabric used.
  • The procedures used ensure the least possible impact on the environment, reducing the pollution footprint and being in balance with nature.

    Blue Design bets, like many other collaborators, that the circular economy and efficiency are the future steps to maintain the industry and make it environmentally friendly. It is urgent to update the processes within it to adapt it to the problems that the future will present, such as the scarcity of quality and availability of resources. Thus transforming our beloved industry and adjusting it to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    100% sustainable jeans products, in which no chlorine, potassium or stones were used during the manufacturing process.

    Our DNA is the indivisible union between design and sustainability, belonging to Ellen MacArthur is reaffirming our essence, the reason for our Company.

    This is not marketing, it is Sustainability.

    Ellen McArthur: