We opened the company in 1996 and from the beginning we started working purely in DENIM. Over the course of the time, our values shifted and in 2011 we embarked in designing and ultimately over time constructing a new facility; although the design was ambitious and revolutionary for the region, we knew it was necessary for the future and aligned with the principals of what we believed the apparel industry should set as standards. In building the new factory we set up strict sustainability requirements with state-of-the-art technology, endorsed by the U.S. Green Building Council, which lead to BDA obtaining LEED Silver certification in 2016.

This award was obtained due to the incorporation in the project in aspects related to lot utilization, efficiencies, and reductions around energy & water consumptions as well as the indoor environment related to quality improvements and particular material selections. Our work will rest, we are tireless seekers of innovative processes and new ideas, we enhance the work of craftsmanship ¨ handmade¨ differentiating each of our processes and ultimately the product. After our LEED certification we continued to take further steps around sustainability, as we never seem satisfied and thanks to the great teamwork of a group of designers specialized in denim, we managed to create and implement an exclusive washing system which we call BDA ECO WASH.

Eco Wash

This was possible through a complete innovation in the inputs, we added new working methodologies and a complete change in the whole washing process. This change and implementation created a change in the culture of the business, we managed to create a product 100% authentic, sustainable and with high traceability, always taking care of all inherent aspects, looking for allied suppliers who collaborated and helped us to find suitable inputs, organic, certified, recycled, or eco-friendly raw materials. BDA measures its success based not only on the quality of the product, but on the integral quality of the organization, evaluating and measuring the economic, social, and environmental impacts that may be generate and this has ultimately led to further certifications in LEED Silver, BCORP, ISO9001 certifications; social, environmental, and industrial safety audits from SMETA and ICS; and we are part of The Jeans Redesign program of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Obtaining such certifications and audits not only reflects our commitment to social and environmental issues, but also demonstrates our desire to constantly improve. In all the years we have been in operation, our mission has not only been on the product but also around our customers. We have focused on providing excellent customer service, acting as a true partner to our clients and advising them on how to better their products, while also keeping in mind the environment. We believe partnership is the key to not only success, but also the only way to a better future.

Our Mission

To provide our own brands and customers with a high quality integral service in product design and development, production and logistics, while achieving a positive impact on society and the environment, with the commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development.

Our Vision

To be the first factory to achieve our own brand portfolio in the most demanding markets in the world and at the same time provide the best service to our fullpackaging customers, being our products the ones that dress their shop windows.

Quality Policy

From the conception of the idea of establishing a company that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes clothing, Blue Design has focused on guiding all its processes towards the search for world-class quality, the products we provide stand out for meet the highest standards of quality and preference in the market.

As part of strategic decision, senior management has determined to establish a Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 STANDARD, which allows to guarantee continuous improvement and compliance with all the requirements applicable to the activity.

We consider as essential factors of success, the comfortable work environment for our employees, constant training and the cutting-edge technology used to optimize processes, all within a marked respect for human dignity and the environment’s health.